chambre d'hote rosières

chambre ardèche


The area's main chestnut species,…

Is the name of this beautiful bedroom, with its warm colours and mezzanine; it is ideally suited for up to four guests.

  • chambre hote ardèche
  • chambre ardèche rosières
  • chambre ardèche sud
  • chambre ardèche rosières
  • chambre ardèche sud

La Sardonne

The beautiful chestnut mainly associated with marrons glacés,

Is the name of our suite of two rooms with a living room area; La Sardonne will leave its four guests with superb and everlasting memories.

  • chambre hote france
  • chambre hote luxe ardèche
  • chambre hote charme ardèche centre
  • chambre hote charme ardèche rosières
  • chambre hote luxe ardèche rosières

La Comballe

Ardèche's most typical chestnut, thrives in the wild,…

This room provides its four guests with a feeling of freedom.

La Pourette

This is the chestnut best-suited to drying,…

This cosy bedroom accommodates two guests.

La Platette

Is another chestnut well-suited to drying,…

The room, originally the farm's magnanery, is now a sweet cocoon for a couple.